Who We Are

TN Food on Foot Foundation currently operates its ministry at 1 Berkline Drive in Morristown, TN. Food on Foot distributes nutritious food bags every Saturday from that location, and delivers food bags to area schools every week for children in need.  An estimated 1,000 bags are given out each month.  They also supply toiletry bags and school supplies once a month.  Christmas toys and pajamas are given out each year, as well as Easter baskets filled with goodies.  There is a also a scripture memorization program  that is available for children as well as a bible study/SPARKLE program that is held during the summer months.

The ministry is currently developing other community outreach programs to help reduce the number of homeless and enhance the lives of underprivileged children.  There are also new partnerships that have been made in order to provide food for more children.  For example, Food on Foot recently began providing weekly food bags for 110 additional children who are involved with the Children of Hope program.  Children of Hope is a nonprofit organization that began in order to teach God’s word to “at-risk” children in the community.  The group meets at Buffalo Trail Baptist Church each Friday.  In addition to the Children of Hope ministry, many other nonprofit organizations have benefited from Food on Foot including CEASE, Youth Villages, Youth Emergency Shelter, and M.A.T.S.  Food on Foot has also partnered with a local principal to begin a tutoring/agricultural program.  This program will be available for pre-selected “at-risk” students who will be transitioning from middle to high school.  It is a summer school-type of program where students will be tutored in preparation of high school while learning gardening/farming skills by growing their own garden full of vegetables which will be divided between the students to take home.

The ministry has recognized the need for clothing for children in the community as well and will be accepting new and/or previously worn clothing and shoes in good condition to distribute to needy children in the area.

It is evident that the number of those in need is growing exponentially.  To think that one child would go to bed hungry in this community is heartbreaking, but to know how many actually do is virtually incomprehensible.  This is not a problem that only exists in bigger cities.  This is a problem that is very real and exists right outside our front doors. 

Food on Foot 501C3  receives no government support of any kind.  Instead, funding comes from tax-deductible donations from the general public, local churches, schools, organizations, and businesses in the area.  Food on Foot does not pay any administrative salaries.  Everyone who is associated with Food on Foot volunteers his or her time.  100% of all donations are used to meet the needs of the underprivileged in our community.  This organization feels extremely blessed and they are incredibly thankful for the many supporters that make everything they do possible.